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Admission & Passes

Recreation Surrey pass being swiped.

City of Surrey Recreation Centres, Ice Arenas, Culture Facilities, Surrey Nature Centre, Community Rooms, Pools and Libraries are closed until further notice to minimize risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission. 

Stay tuned for more information.

Building Healthy Communities for Life

At Recreation Surrey, our mission is to build healthy communities where all people can be active and engaged.

In addition to many free recreational opportunities offered throughout the year, you can take advantage of our flexible pass options, including drop-in admissions and reduced pricing through our 10 and 20-swipe passes, monthly pass, and annual Recreation Pass which can be paid monthly.

General Admissions and Passes

The following drop-in admission (single, swipe and monthly) fees and annual Recreation Pass fees are valid at all City-operated facilities, except arenas which have distinct pricing. Learn about specialty admissions and arena pricing below.

Drop-in time fees are valid September 1, 2019, to August 31, 2020, subject to change without notice. All prices include taxes.

Note: The one-year column refers to the annual Recreation Pass. 
*Student rate requires proof of ID from an accredited post secondary institution.
**Value Pricing is offered at some facilities during non-peak hours. If a facility offers Value Pricing, the Value Pricing hours will be indicated on the PDF schedule of that facility.

Terms and Conditions

Recreation Passcard

All patrons require a free Recreation Passcard before entry to drop-in and registered programs at all City of Surrey recreation facilities.

Family Drop-in Rate

To receive the family drop-in rate of $3.75 per person, a minimum of one adult and one dependent (18 years and younger) is required. Family members do not need to participate in the same activity to qualify for family admission. However, members must be together at the facility's front counter to receive family pricing.

The family drop-in admission rate also applies to the following:

  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) of children participating in a registered program. (e.g., drop-in swim)
  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) of children participating in a sport group activity. (e.g., swim club)

*Family consists of one to two parents, grandparents or legal guardians with at least one dependant up to age 18. Helmets are mandatory for children 12 and under.

Swipe Pass

Swipe passes expire two years from the date of purchase.

Annual Recreation Pass

Families: The annual Recreation Pass family pricing is valid for one or two parent(s)/guardian(s) with an unlimited number of related children (18 years and younger).

Seniors: Seniors are eligible to receive a free city-wide Senior Services Membership with the purchase of an annual Recreation Pass. For more details or to redeem this offer, please ask the front desk staff at your local recreation facility.

Monthly payment options: Surrey offers monthly payment options for the annual Recreation Pass using automatic debit, credit card or post-dated cheques. Payments are withdrawn the first day of each month.

Cancellation policy: A $5 fee will be charged to cancel an annual Recreation Pass.

Extension policy: An annual Recreation Pass can be suspended and extended once, for up to three consecutive months. Monthly payments still apply during the suspended period. Additional extensions may be granted for medical or extraordinary circumstances.

Returned or Declined Payments

A $5 fee will be charged for declined automatic debit and credit card payments. A $30 fee will be charged for declined cheques.

Financial Assistance

Through the Leisure Access Program, Surrey ensures that culture and recreation services are available to all Surrey residents.

Withdrawal Fees

Program Withdrawl Fee

Program withdrawal fees apply within 7 days of the start of a program. A $5 withdrawal fee will apply to programs valued under $250.

Exceptions apply: For year-long preschool and Before and After School Care programs valued over $1,000, a $50 fee will apply.  Birthday Party cancellation fee is $25. For any other registered program valued over $250, a $25 fee will apply. After programs costs are committed, the extra fees for committed costs are not refundable.