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Environmental Extravaganza

This event has been cancelled due to global concern about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. All events organized by City of Surrey that do not comply with public health orders have been postponed or cancelled until further notice to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Environmental Extravaganza


Explore and Learn About Nature

The Environmental Extravaganza is a series of environmental events and programs hosted by the City of Surrey and community partners.

Earth Day Poster Contest

K – 7 students were busy earlier this year creating art to showcase the biodiversity of Surrey’s urban forest.

Our urban forest includes parks, yards, street trees and school grounds – it encompasses all nature within our city. Collectively, students’ posters artistically represent the variety of life in Surrey’s urban forest.

Watch our social media channels this spring to see some of this year's creative entries!

Community Partners

We look forward to future events and programs with our valued community partners. The Environmental Extravaganza wouldn't be possible without the efforts of these groups. Make sure you check out their year-round programs and events, including school program opportunities.


Check out some highlights of past events and programs below