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How to Safely Celebrate Easter and Passover

How to Safely Celebrate Easter 2020

With Easter, Passover and other celebrations hopping up on us this week and beyond, many people in Surrey are wondering how to celebrate safely while be mindful of the required physical distancing rules currently in place.


Though we all know things need to be done differently this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to enjoy tradition—albeit in new ways.


While we are unable to connect face-to-face with people in our broader family and friend network right now, multiple households can connect for a virtual celebration or activities like easter egg painting using video app chat technology such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime.


And if you normally like attending a faith-based service over the holidays, be sure to check with your local group to see if they are streaming their services online. If not, recorded services may be found on television, radio and even YouTube.


Some of us might be used to partaking in a big family or neighbourhood egg hunt but the Easter bunny is following physical distancing rules this year too. So be sure to look for goodies close to home and then share your finds and excitement through text or your favourite social media channels.


With decent weather expected this weekend, you’ll of course want some fresh air. Just be sure to continue to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres or six feet from others when going outdoors.


Most importantly, don’t forget about the people in your life who may be feeling extra isolated this holiday. Reach out to them for a chat whether by phone, text, email or video. You could even have some special groceries or a meal delivered to their home to let them know they are in your thoughts. 


Though it may not be quite the same as past holidays, this Easter, Passover or any other event can still be filled with love, fun and celebration while we keep things safe for ourselves and each other.


According to provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, the next two weeks are critical in B.C.’s fight against COVID-19 and we’re in a phase where we need to continue to be incredibly careful about what we’re doing so we can get back to our normal way of living.