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Accessibility at the Museum

Two children giving a thumbs up

Making the Museum Accessible for Everyone

The Museum of Surrey is a free, fully accessible venue in every sense: intellectually, culturally and physically.

We have made the visitor experience comfortable with:

  • Multiple seating areas
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Icon-based signage
  • Available staff to answer your questions
  • Free parking with 6 accessible stalls
  • Multisensory exhibits
  • Braille and tactile signage
  • Plenty of spaces for sitting and snacking outside the galleries
  • Elevator to second floor galleries
  • Wheelchair available for loan
  • Universal washrooms with accessible stalls
  • Lowered service counter
  • Noise cancelling headphones and sensory kit available at reception
  • Accessible theatre with 4 wheelchair accessible sitting areas

TD Explore Zone

The TD Explore Zone at Museum of Surrey was created with universal design in mind, making sure that exhibits can be accessed by children of all ages and abilities.

Please note that the TD Explore Zone and the Feature Gallery can be noisy, depending on the exhibit.

Sensory Friendly Times

Join us on the first Sunday of every month (except January) from 10am to 12pm to enjoy reduced noise, lighting effects and our sensory friendly space. While we are currently temporarily closed, experience the Museum from Home.

  • Bean bag chairs
  • Reduced sound and lighting
  • Quiet activities such as reading, drawing and sensory friendly toys like stress balls
  • Noise cancelling headphones will also available at the front desk

A sensory friendly space, in partnership with the Canucks Autism Network, is a calm and quiet area with activities and seating designed to be supportive for those with sensory sensitivities to recharge.

Preparing for Your Visit

See what to expect with a virtual tour of the museum.

What is a Museum of Surrey visit like? Explore our storybooks, made in partnership with Canucks Autism Network.