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Rentals at Recreation Facilities

Meeting room at Fraser Heights Recreation Centre

City of Surrey Recreation Centres, Ice Arenas, Culture Facilities, Surrey Nature Centre, Community Rooms, Pools and Libraries are closed until further notice to minimize risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission. We are currently not taking any rental requests. Thank you for your understanding, patience and cooperation during this time. 

Host your next party, meeting or event at one of our recreation facilities in Surrey. We have various types and sizes of rooms available on a first-come, first serve basis. 

View the 2019/2020 Rental Fees

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Extra Rental Costs

Staff Costs

Staffing costs may be added to the permit. Staff will open and close the facility and, depending on the location, will remain on-site to assist throughout the event. Otherwise, keys or fobs can be picked up and dropped off to open and close the facility; contact the booking clerk to coordinate.

Insurance Costs

Insurance is mandatory. Liability insurance with a minimum $2 million or $5 million in coverage, depending on the event, naming the City of Surrey as additional insured. Contact the booking clerk for additional information.

Set Up

Access the Facility

Access to the facility is the start time as stated on the Facility Use Permit.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are provided for indoor use only and are to be set up by the user group. We do not provide chair covers or linens. Dishes, cutlery, glassware are also not provided.


Nothing can be attached to the walls (free-standing decorations only). No open flame candles (LED candles are fine). Use of dance wax, confetti, rice or similar items is not permitted.

Deliveries & Storage

Deliveries for rentals must be done within the contract times. Overnight storage is not permitted.

Be Mindful

Noise Levels

It is important that noise levels be kept to a minimum by keeping doors and windows closed.

Keep Doorways Clear

Exit doors must not be blocked and must always be closed during the event.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in the facility or in the surrounding park, where applicable.


Parking is contained to the areas designated for hall events.

Take Down

Guests must leave the facility at the time stated on the Facility Use Permit under Conditions of Use. The facility must also be cleaned and returned to its original state by the end time on the permit.

Cleaning and Take Down Reminders

  • Wipe off tables and chairs and return them to their original storage areas. Stack chairs as indicated.
  • All appliances must be thoroughly cleaned, and all counter tops wiped. Failure to adequately clean the facility could result in a deduction from the security deposit for cleaning services.
  • All garbage is to be placed in garbage dumpster and recycling in the bin provided. Please take any refundable items with you.
  • Please ensure that all lights, appliances and heat are turned off, and that all the doors and windows are locked when leaving the building.