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TD Explore Zone

Bring your kids for the ultimate play date.

Our tiniest museum goers are Surrey’s future. And how do kids learn best? With fun!

Take a virtual tour of the space. Prepare for repeated oohs and ahs. Velcro-shoed feet will enter a micro Surrey divided by river, forest, wetlands, agriculture, urban and ocean. Their journey will be led by animal friends Raj the Raccoon, Vida the Frog and Stella the Jay.

Did we mention the slide? Or the scarf cannon or super-sized tree house? Refresh in the chill out Mini Museum and then do it all again! Tired yet? Don’t worry. We have you covered with parent seating and free WiFi.

This gallery has been created by Reich and Petch with a sustainability focus so kids learn how to take care of our great city.

Photo credit: Rudra Chauhan.