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Artifact Collection

Kodak Duaflex II circa 1950

Telling Surrey's Stories

You see historic Surrey-based objects and discover their stories at the Museum, Historic Stewart Farm and on social media but where do they come from? A specific Collections team in Heritage gathers and cares for objects from community members so their stories can live on. Collections scouts objects relating to the following themes:

  • Agriculture, work, labour, and business
  • Homelife, youth, and education
  • Entertainment, hobbies, and recreation
  • Social history, diversity, and community development
  • Community and political events
  • Technology and transportation

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Heritage Services holds its collections in trust for the people of Surrey and British Columbia. Objects are freely donated without conditions. Legal ownership, including copyright, is transferred by deed of gift to the City of Surrey. Staff, volunteers and external experts maintain a collection of approximately 40,000 artifacts. Great care is taken to gather, research, document and store the collection.


Pierce Smith, Assistant Curator