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Heritage Sites in Whalley

James Creighton house

St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Built between 1950 and 1955 in traditional style, with square partially inset bell towers flanking front elevation, centred by octagonal dom [...]

Ambler House

Edwardian style built in 1911, vertically proportioned with recessed cove-front gable end with flared eaves, upper section of front door gla [...]

Arthur Hedley House

Craftsman-influenced style built c. 1935, featuring gabled dormer over open curved entrance porch, balusters arranged in pairs and triples, [...]

Brownsville Park and Sandbar

The first regular crossing of the Fraser River was in 1882 via the steam ferry, "K de K", which transported wagons and passengers from the " [...]

Ferguson House

Craftsman style circa 1913, features large shed dormer at front, triangular braces at gable ends, diamond shaped leaded window between main [...]

Nikaniuk House

Venacular farmhouse built C. 1933, features jerkinhead roof, wooden windows with leaded glass.

Goodmanson Building

Built in 1949 following rapid development along King George Highway as commercial focus for Whalley. Features neon sign and facade surfaced [...]

Green Timbers - Arboretum

Planted in the 1930's, this area of Green Timbers has over 100 native trees, including some rare species.

Green Timbers - Cape Cod (Forestry) Building

In 1930, the Green Timbers Inaugural Plantation was established as the first reforestation project in British Columbia. A tree nursery and a [...]

Green Timbers - Commemorative Plantation

This area was planted in 1990 on the 60th anniversary of the Inaugural Plantation being established. Near by is the 2 billionth forestry tre [...]

Green Timbers - English Oaks Grove

See the heritage register for Green Timbers - English Oaks Grove by 96 Ave.

Green Timbers - Inaugural Plantation

The Green Timbers Inaugural Forest Plantation is located in Green Timbers, a natural area in the northern part of the City. It consists of a [...]

James Creighton house

James Creighton House

Unstyled Vernacular Homestead, possibly built in two sections c. 1900-1907, on a stone foundation featuring wing with narrow steep pitched r [...]

Lavoi House

Craftsman style 1½ storeys built c. 1914, with corbelled chimney, central front gabled porch with large squared columns, squared oriels on e [...]

Lorne Circus

Forming the central circus in the residential section from which the streets of Port Mann were laid out, Lorne Circus is valued as one of th [...]

Louis Dahl House

See the north portion built in 1906, south extension c. 1923, in Homestead style.

Martin Wilkes House

Various styles, with tongue and groove siding, low pitched gable roofs and pediment at gable front finished with fishscale shingles common t [...]

Olsen House

Built c.1925 in Craftsman-influenced style, with asymmetrical placement of front entrance and gable, chamfered side gables with narrow recta [...]

Pillath house

Pillath House

Built in 1898 combining Queen Anne detailing, with Italianate-inspired styles. Features turned post balusters, chamfered porch posts, pedime [...]

Rickshaw Sign

Double-faced neon sign built c. 1963 featuring rickshaw and rickshaw driver, supported by chopsticks

Robert Kennedy House

Built in 1892 in Folk Victorian style, Robert was son of pioneers James and Caroline Kennedy. Features front porch with jigsaw cut trim rail [...]

Roll's Carpenter Shop

Unstyled commercial built c. 1945, some influence of Modernism, little alteration with front parapet covering gable, panels arranged in parq [...]

Sandell Grocery Store

Unstyled Vernacular commercial structure built in 1908 as South Westminster’s first grocery store and post office. Features gambrel roof on [...]

South Westminster School

Tudor Revival/Carpenter Gothic style, built c. 1914 for rapidly developing community served by several new railways. Features open raked eav [...]

St. Helens Anglican Church

St. Helen's Anglican Church

Late Tudor Revival style including flat arches in east windows, side porch timbering, doorways, interior archways and ceiling pitch. Massive [...]

St. Helen's Anglican Church Rectory

Built in 1911 in Tudor Revival style, featuring flared eaves, main and dormer gables, decorative half-timber with vertical and horizontal bo [...]