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Heritage Sites in Guildford & Fraser Heights

Bullman's Garage

Bulman's Garage

Commercial vernacular style built c. 1948 as gas station and auto service for Port Kells. Virtually unaltered, features triple bay garage do [...]

Carl Mathisen House

Carl Mathisen House

Craftsman style, built c. 1921, featuring front veranda running along full width with square support posts which are tapered above balustrad [...]

Gerow Barn

Gerow Barn

This property, at the corner of Townline (96 Avenue) and Clover Valley (176 Street) Roads was acquired by the Gerow family in 1936. The barn [...]

Tynehead house

House (Tynehead)

Utilitarian two-storey farmhouse built c. 1875 using 4-inch hand-split cedar logs, featuring tri-gabled roof, patterned shingles on gable en [...]

Ingram House

Ingram House

Eclectic Dutch-gable bungalow with neo-classical influence, built c. 1933, featuring chamfered porch gable with paired turned columns, capit [...]

John Holt House

John Holt House

Folk Victorian style built in 1905, characteristic front porch substituted by portico contained within front gable with arched opening commo [...]

McCaskill House

McCaskill House

Built in 1905 by or for Rory and Catherine McCaskill. The McCaskills were pioneer settlers in Tynehead. Rory served for a time as a school t [...]

Port Kells Elementary School

Port Kells Elementary School

Built in 1907, the site has been a focal point of Port Kells since 1891. Neo-Georgian influence in original massing, original siding has bee [...]

Port Kells Fire Hall #7

Port Kells Fire Hall No. 7

Built in 1923 originally as meeting hall for Port Kells Farmers Institute, used as a fire hall since 1947. It has been subjected to a number [...]

Port Kells Heritage Park

Port Kells Park

In the early 1930s the municipality acquired ten acres on the Davis Road (88th Avenue) for a park, which officially opened in 1933. It was e [...]

Port Kells Post Office header

Port Kells Post Office

Built by Charles Percy Smith in 1929 to serve the Port Kells area, following removal of railway tracks along what is now Harvie Road. Roy St [...]

Tynehead Community Hall

Tynehead Community Hall

Believed to be the second oldest community hall in Surrey built in 1907, in a rural homestead style consisting of a simple front gabled box [...]

Tynehead Elementary School

Tynehead Elementary School (West Wing)

The second school to serve the Tynehead community built in 1908, with major alterations in 1923 and newer additions.

Church Manse header

Church Manse

Modest bungalow built in early 1930's, porch now enclosed. It was located on the property well before the relocation of the church. Its hist [...]

Latimer Residence

Latimer Residence

This simple single-storey house was built c. 1928. The site has ties to the Latimers, a pioneer family on the east side of Surrey and J. Lat [...]

St. Oswalds Church

St. Oswald's Church

Wood frame with simple drop siding, windows are rectangular sash, clear leaded, shallow arch stained glass at apse end. Late Victorian eclec [...]

St Oswalds Trees

St. Oswald's Trees

Old growth trees consisting of 4 Douglas Firs and one Western Red Cedar that remained on the site cleared for St. Oswald’s Church. These are [...]

"The Castle" - Baron von Mackensen House

Originally built c. 1900 in late Victorian Homestead style, east/west wing added c. 1910 by von Mackensen in Edwardian and Craftsman style w [...]