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Heritage Sites in South Surrey

Lambert Residence

The Lambert Residence is an excellent and rare example of Postmodern architecture in Surrey.

Great Northern Rail Right of Way - Grandview Segment

Formed part of a 22 mile rail line, now forming part of a City Park. (See Heritage Site # 216)

King George Highway and Royal Oak Trees

Following a portion of the original alignment of the Semiahmoo Trail from the Fraser River to the Nicomekl River, this road was renamed to K [...]

Welsh House

This waterfront lot was acquired by Charles A. Welsh in 1914, and the house was built shortly afterwards. By 1927, the property had been acq [...]

William Mackie House

Built c. 1938-39, this Classical Revival house was built for William Mackie by the Barton Brothers. The house was owned by the Mackie family [...]

Anderson Farmhouse

Built c.1925 in Vernacular style featuring two front cross gables, shed roof dormers, open rake, boxed eaves and detailed wooden front door.

Bailey House

Tudor style and French farmhouse influence, built c. 1935 featuring large uncut stone chimney in front, decorative truss on front gable, boa [...]

Bolivar Barn

The colourful and decorative barn is located at the end of 74 Avenue east of 192 Street. Built c.1920, featuring decorative dormers, and re- [...]

Brooksdale Estate - Caretaker's Cottage

See Brooksdale Estate in Surrey, Constructed in 1933 to the designs of prominent architect Ross Lort.

Brooksdale Estate - Coach House

Learn about the Coach House on Brooksdale Estate, constructed in 1933 to the designs of prominent architect Ross Lort.

Brooksdale Estate

Brooksdale Estate - Main House

Discover Brooksdale Estate, constructed in 1933 to the designs of prominent architect Ross Lort.

Byers House

Summer residence built by David and Euphemia Byers c. 1922. Unusual side gabled form with full open front veranda, multi-pane casement windo [...]

Camp Alexandra Daycare Dormitory "C"

A modernistic addition to the camp built in 1955 as a preschool with volunteer labour from the Kinsmen, since raised to accommodate a new gr [...]

Camp Alexandra Dining Hall - "The Lodge"

Built in 1920 as part of the Alexandra Orphanage established in 1918. Full width enclosed front porch with skirt roof continuous with upper [...]

Camp Alexandra Dormitory "A" "The Stage House"

The earliest of the camp's buildings, dating from 1918. Bungalow style featuring porch under principal roof, exposed rafters, sloping side c [...]

Camp Alexandra Nursery - "Wigwam"

Built in 1919 in bungalow style. Porch under principal roof, central rear projection with gable on hipped roof, exposed rafters, sloping sid [...]

Camp Alexandra Recreation Hall - "Alexandra Hall"

Craftsman bungalow style built in 1928. Features open rake, open eaves, exposed rafters and triangular brackets on dormers.

Canon William Holdom House

Built c. 1931 as a summer residence for Canon Holdom, priest at Holy Trinity Church in Crescent Beach from 1920 to 1925, who retired to Cres [...]

Charles Feedham House

Folk Victorian style house built in 1914, featuring wide corbelled brick chimney located on ridge of intersection of cross gables, narrow gl [...]

Church of the Ascension Anglican

Gothic revival style with Tudor influences, featuring pitched front-gabled main roof, shallow arch main door centred as enclosed front porch [...]

Cobblestone house


Craftsman style built c. 1920 featuring battered stone veneer piers and stone chimney, one-storey gabled protrusion on right side, side gabl [...]

Collishaw House

Combines folk Victoria with Queen Anne detailing, two-storey side gabled with rear two-storey cross-gabled wing. Built in 1889, featuring fi [...]

Crescent Park Annex

Land donated by Surrey pioneer Benjamin Stevenson in 1916 on condition that it be cleared for a school. It opened in 1918, and is the only o [...]

Crescent Road

The last remaining example of road work completed by Surrey's pioneer engineers, constructed between 1910 and 1923 following the natural con [...]

Daniel Johnson House

View this house built 1907 in the Elgin heritage area.

David Kitzel Root House

Built c. 1916 with foundation made up of stone gathered on site or from former Royal Engineers fort on Canada-U.S. border.

Dunsmuir Farm - Barn

Common 20th C. barn design, featuring exposed rafters, projecting roof peak over sliding hay loft doors, two gabled dormers on each side and [...]

Dunsmuir Farm - Farm Building

Vernacular style, small shed built c. 1940 for the Dunsmuirs. Features small vent on roof, boxed eaves with front wall set back to create wi [...]

Dunsmuir Farm - Main House

Built c. 1910 with additions in 1930s and 1960s, no discernible style. Land originally owned by Walter Blackie, after whom Blackie Spit is n [...]

Dunsmuir Farm - Small House

Vernacular style, likely built to house hired farm help, c. 1925. The property is the remaining vestige of Crescent Beach as a pioneer farm [...]

East Kensington Elementary School

A one-room schoolhouse was built on this site in 1907, and this larger school was built in 1924. It is a common two-room school, elevated to [...]

Elgin Hall

One of the oldest community halls in Surrey, built in 1923 in the plain homestead tradition by the Elgin Community Association with land don [...]

Elgin School (Elgin Centre)

Built in 1921 as the first school for the community of Elgin to replace the condemned Mud Bay School. Vernacular style wood frame with ribbo [...]

Gilley Summer Residence

Style drawing on a romanticized image of a pioneer log cabin, with wraparound porch taken from Victorian examples, shed dormers and untreate [...]

Grandview Heights Elementary School Annex

This one-room schoolhouse, located behind the main school, is one of only two one-room schools on its original site in Surrey that is used f [...]

H.A. Eastman House

In 1916, the site was acquired by Henry Eastman, likely the builder of this Craftsman cottage. Features shed roof dormers, wood sash casemen [...]

H.C. Major House

In 1908, this property was acquired by Sveinn Brynjolfson, who sold it to Henry Major in 1930. The Craftsman bungalow was built around that [...]

Hall's Prairie Elementary School (South Building)

The third Hall's Prairie school built c. 1927, with a single hipped roof mass and large expanses of ribbon windows in standard style of the [...]

Harper Wellhouse

Octagonal wellhouse built some time before 1923, fine details feature double slope octagonal roof with cupola vent and finial at peak.

Hazelmere Cemetery

Located adjacent to Little Campbell River, with earliest graves dating from the turn of the century. Appears to have been officially establi [...]

Hazelmere United Church

Carpenter Gothic style, front gabled steep pitch roof, with vestibule, pointed arch ribbon windows. Built in 1903 to serve the surrounding f [...]

Hazelmere United Church Annex

Built c. 1910 - 1925 in Craftsman style, featuring ribbon windows, exposed rafter ends, double entrance doors, pedimented gable with square [...]

Holy Cross Catholic Church

Built in 1946 in Carpenter Gothic style. Features front gabled roof with dormer vents and hipped steeple roof, covered entrance porch with p [...]

House (Hazelmere)

Pioneer Utilitarian style front gabled farm house built c. 1920, with shed roof dormer, boxed eaves, side bay window, and covered front porc [...]

J.A. Knight House

In 1917, this property was part of the larger holdings of F.J. Hart & Co., acquired by Williams James Whiteside. It was later acquired by Jo [...]

J.C.S. MacKenzie House

Built c. 1900-1910, the original portion of this pioneer house was a simple front gable structure with a veranda, since been removed. A larg [...]

John Horner House

See the John Horner House, built in Surrey circa 1925, and part of Surrey's Heritage Register.

John Weaver House

Folk Victorian farmhouse built in 1894 featuring wraparound porch under hipped roof supported by simple wood posts, parallel gabled dormer o [...]

Kensington Prairie Elementary School

Craftsman style school built in 1914, with detailing covered over by stucco. Side gables with centred cross gables at front and rear entranc [...]

Lamb House

Form and details inspired by the Craftsman style, built c. 1922. Window head casings flare at top, open rake and eaves, and the low roof lin [...]

Larsen Garage

Built shortly after the Larsen House in either 1936 or 1937, designed by Niels Larsen. Originally used as a shed for farm implements and woo [...]

Larsen House

Eclectic style, craftsman influenced, built c. 1935, featuring front centred chamfered cross gable projecting out from main facade, triangul [...]

Lee House

This property was acquired in 1926 by John Lee from John Stewart. This modest bungalow was likely built shortly afterwards by Lee, who owned [...]

Log House

See a simple vernacular log house built sometime after 1922, when the property was acquired by Albert Holliday.

Louis Kley House

Primarily Craftsman style with company cottage influences. Built c. 1906, featuring wide overhanging closed eaves, small gable on hipped roo [...]

McKettrick House

Built in 1918 and added to in 1936 after the property was acquired by James and Nora McKettrick. This modest early Craftsman bungalow, featu [...]

Mud Bay School House

Built in 1883 in the style common to schools of that era with hipped roof and windows with plain casings and horn details on bottom of upper [...]

Neville R. Preston House

Built in 1914 in the Craftsman style, featuring full open front veranda with tapered square columns, alternating narrow and wide shingle cla [...]

Nicholas/David Kitzel House

Pioneer house built c. 1890 in late Victorian style, extension built c. 1916 as main house with broader and taller massing common to Edwardi [...]

Ocean Park Community Hall

See the historical hall built in 1925 to serve the social, educational and recreational needs of Ocean Park.

Peace Arch

The Peace Arch stands as a representation of the lasting friendship between Canada and the United States. In 1914, Samuel Hill, famed Washin [...]

Peace Arch Tea Room and Other Facilities

Built in a rustic style reminiscent of US Parks Service buildings, these two structures are a highly visible part of Peace Arch Park. Their [...]

Pow Wow Rock

Large boulder deposited by glacial activity.

Redwood Park

See tree species from around the world including the largest stand of Redwoods north of California.

Reverend Thomas Haddon House

Built c. 1913 in Craftsman style featuring side gabled open rake roof with front and rear shed dormers, triangular roof brackets, front and [...]

Robert Barton House

Variation of late Victorian stick style built c. 1890 with a later addition c. 1900-1920 in Ontario Farmhouse style. Earlier section feature [...]

Roper House

Craftsman style 1½ storey built in 1915 featuring triangular shaped eyebrow dormer at front and shed roof dormer at rear, scissored verge bo [...]

Rothwell House

The Arts and Crafts style home built circa 1915 is part of a grouping of early houses along the waterfront at Crescent Beach. Originally two [...]


Built c.1917, featuring exposed rafters, flat top hipped roof between lower and upper floor, full width front porch, rear roof extends over [...]

Saunders House

The property was acquired in 1919 by Aurillia Hale Saunders, wife of Edward Herbert Saunders. They likely built the house shortly afterwards [...]

Semiahmoo Trail

Used as early as 1858 during the Gold Rush as an overland entry route for Americans attempting to avoid the official licensing cost and mine [...]

Seventh Day Adventist Church

See one of the earliest churches associated with the historic White Rock community.

Shields-Stewart House

The land was acquired by David Brown in 1889, and in 1928 was acquired by Isabella Shields and Margaret Stewart. Built c. 1935, the house is [...]

Stewart Farm - Bunkhouse

Built c.1900, vernacular building originally used to house farm workers.

Stewart Farm - Garage

Built c.1920, unstyled vernacular single car garage featuring hinged double doors.

Stewart Farm - Machine Shed

Built c. 1900, unstyled vernacular structure, originally used as a grain shed.

Stewart Farm - Pole Barn

Unstyled vernacular barn, built c. 1900 by or for John Stewart. Gabled, rectangular central volume with lower, half-hipped lean-to structure [...]

Stewart Farm - Root Cellar

One of the earlier farm structures. Featuring fieldstone foundation, plank door on north elevation framed in stone. Built c. 1894 to store p [...]

Stewart Farm - Threshing Machine Shed

Built c.1900, vernacular structure with craftsman influence. Features triangular eave brackets, hinged double doors.

Stewart Farm - Woodshed

One of the earlier farm structures, built c. 1894. Large rectangular opening without doors, upper corners chamfered.

Stewart Farmhouse

Stewart Farmhouse

The wood frame farmhouse is a fine example of more elaborate Victorian architecture from 1894, featuring a large veranda on the south and ea [...]

Stuart House

Built c. 1922 on land purchased by Cecily May Stuart. It was acquired by Edward Gill in 1939 and is still owned by members of the Gill famil [...]

T.H. Smith House

Built in 1910, positioned to face the water, this is a less common example of shingle style house featuring shed and gable dormers, extended [...]

Willard Kitchen House

Craftsman bungalow style built c. 1920. French doors on full width front porch with shed roof supported by square posts with curved knee bra [...]

William J. Whiteside House

William Whiteside was a barrister and solicitor based in New Westminster, as well as a trustee of a syndicate of New Westminster investors w [...]

William McMillan House

Combines Arts & Crafts, Classical Revival and Tudor Cottage styles. Built c.1930 featuring chamfered gables with secondary lower gable on we [...]

Billy Hadden House

Style mixes wide squat Craftsman massing, with Victorian-influenced wraparound veranda supported by Classical revival Doric columns, side ga [...]