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Heritage Sites in Cloverdale

Surrey's original town hall circa 1881

1881 Town Hall

Surrey's first Town Hall, built in 1881 and in use until 1912, originally located across from Christ Church on Old McLellan Rd. and now loca [...]

1912 Municipal Hall with Surrey Museum in background

1912 Municipal Hall

The story of Surrey's first municipal hall is one of evolution and re-use that continues today.

Anderson Cabin on the grounds of the Surrey Museum

Anderson Cabin

The Cabin was built c.1872, and as such, is documented as Surrey's oldest remaining building. It features vertical weatherboard on gable end [...]

Avenue of Trees

Avenue of Trees

Planted by the pioneers of Surrey Centre, shortly after the establishment of Christ Church (exact date unknown), consisting of 14 Douglas Fi [...]

Bank of Montreal building

Bank of Montreal

Neo-classical style featuring cornice with crown mouldings and details on front facade, less elaborate cornice between first and second stor [...]

Boothroyd House

Boothroyd House

One of the earliest Surrey houses, c. 1875, a rare example of a two-storey "I-House", its basic style derived from pioneer cabin with more e [...]

Bose farmhouse

Bose Farm - Henry Bose Farmhouse

The original Bose family homestead with styles including traditional British Folk Form.

Bose Farm shed

Bose Farm - Shed

The Bose Farm Shed, one of the original dairy farm buildings, built c.1920 by or for Henry Bose.

Bourassa Farmhouse

Victorian styled front-gabled farmhouse. Built in 1908 on a stone foundation, it features a half-enclosed full-width front porch, multi-pane [...]

Calkins house and store

Calkins House and Store

Craftsman-detailed house featuring open rake and eaves, exposed rafter ends, front gabled roof and shed roof addition with facade of store e [...]

Cecil Heppell house

Cecil Heppell House

The Cecil Heppell House, a bungalow 1½ storey front gabled house with low pitched roof built 1928.

Charles Bell house

Charles Bell House

Craftsman style built c. 1912 featuring triangular roof brackets, decorative trusses in main gables, open rake and eaves, exposed and notche [...]

Christ Church

Christ Church

Simple wood frame church built by Surrey's pioneers in 1884 in Carpenter Gothic style. Features lancet type windows with stained glass in ap [...]

Christ Church Bell Hall

Christ Church Bell Hall

Hall built in 1932 in memory of Reverend William Bell, one of the founders of Christ Church. Work directed by volunteers. Opened on the 50th [...]

Christ Church cemetery

Christ Church Cemetery

The cemetery was established in 1881, located both on the south-west side of the Church and on the opposite side of Old McLellan Rd. The cem [...]

Clayton Elementary School

Clayton's first school opened in 1891, in a log cabin, replaced by this building in 1921.

Clayton United Church

Built in 1936 in Craftsman style with Tudor influences in shallow arched windows. Features decorative bracing on upper part of rear gable, g [...]

Cloverdale Elementary School

Built in 1921 in free adaptation of Queen Anne style, basic two-storey with shaped parapetted gable and cornice, hipped roof, plain casing o [...]

Cloverdale Hotel

Displaying simplified elements of the Streamline Moderne style in its facade detailing, this modest hotel is part of the commercial streetsc [...]

Cloverdale United Church

Pointed arch windows in Gothic Revival style, with curved lead work creating arched lattice pattern. Triplet arrangement in south window inc [...]

Creelman House

Built c.1936, an unusual and sophisticated example of period revival styles of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Features a refined series of tradition [...]

Dann's Electronics (Royal Bank of Canada)

Two storey square house form adapted for commercial use, with asymmetrically located entrance and large display windows as the features pres [...]

Dr. Sinclair House

Constructed c. 1900 in American Foursquare style. Features a symmetrical facade with one room protrusion on west side, oriel window and symm [...]

Edward Armstrong Barn

Gambrel roof barn built in 1920. Features projecting roof ridge over hay door. Historical context is the small scale farm in its original fo [...]

Edward Armstrong House

Built in 1920 in Craftsman style, featuring front gable porch, chamfered gable roof with open rake and eaves, dormer on right side, six pane [...]

Fabian Hugh House

Eastern Cottage style built c. 1929, derived from Craftsman bungalow by eliminating wide overhangs and gable brackets and having an enclosed [...]

First Town Hall and School Sites in Surrey Centre and Old McLellan Road

Settled in the 1870's, Surrey Centre was chosen by Council to be the location of Surrey's first Town Hall in 1881. The village focused along [...]

George E Lawrence House

Discover the George E Lawrence house in the Clayton heritage area.

Guy Richardson House

Craftsman Bungalow style 1½ storey with shed roof dormer and shed roof entry vestibule. Constructed c. 1927 by or for Guy and Lucy Richardso [...]

Heppell Family House

Bungalow 1½ storey farmhouse built in 1919. Design includes side gables with knee brackets, broad overhang front roof extending to cover hal [...]

Highway Garage

Originally a livery stable built in 1919 and became a garage the following year. Square plain industrial shed underwent major renovations in [...]

Hillside Farm - Large Gambrel Barn

Built in 1929 by James Livingston, featuring sliding doors, flared eaves and four shed roof dormers, two projections on south side with lowe [...]

Hillside Farm - Livingston House

American Foursquare style farmhouse built in 1926. Features full width half hipped porch, knee braces on front porch posts, panel on either [...]

Hillside Farm - Small Gambrel Barn

Built in 1929 by James Livingstone, featuring pyramidal roof vent, roof ridge, extending to form peak over upper level doors, lower sliding [...]

Hycrest Nursery Barn

Site once referred to as the Hycroft Dairy, property dating back to the Anderson family, early Surrey pioneers. Barn built c. 1925, features [...]

James William White House

Late Carpenter Gothic Style, built c. 1940 by or for James White. Salt box massing, features steep pitched roof, cross gables, close eaves a [...]

John Lamb House

Built c. 1920 in Craftsman style, full width porch with square supports, horizontal banding separating main floor from basement, open rake a [...]

Meadow Ridge Farm - Barn

See the T-shaped barn built for Henry John Bose in 1939.

Meadow Ridge Farm - Dairy Building

View the farm building built in 1948, featuring square pyramid roofed cupola on main ridge, boxed eaves, corner boards.

Meadow Ridge Farm - Henry John Bose House

See the Meadow Ridge Farm - Henry John Bose House, built in 1924, combining Craftsman style in massing and materials, and vernacular interpr [...]

Mound Farm

Mound Farm is a glacial feature raised above the surrounding floodplain and farming area. It is covered by a stand of about 1000 mature tree [...]

Mound Farm - Bion Smith House

Bion Smith, son of pioneer William Smith, inherited farm in 1909, constructed this small Craftsman/Utilitarian-style house c. 1928. Features [...]

Mound Farm - George Snow House

Colonial Revival farmhouse constructed in 1936. Symmetrically balanced facade with central door and pedimented porch supported by Doric colu [...]

Old Anniedale School

Single rectangular box layout with plain double hung ribbon windows. One of the first schools in Surrey, built c. 1899, and the oldest still [...]

Pacific Highway Stone Marker

The Highway was opened August 3, 1923. Constructed as a concrete road by A.B. Palmer Co. Limited, it was officially opened by the provincial [...]

Robert D. MacKenzie House (1922)

Craftsman bungalow with classical influences built c. 1922. Gabled dormer at front, full width shed dormer at rear, front entry porch with b [...]

Robert Dougal MacKenzie House

Built in 1911 by MacKenzie, who served as Reeve of Surrey from 1921 to 1923. Shingle style farmhouse includes steeply pitched roof, extensiv [...]

Ross House

Bungalow style featuring shingle siding, low pitched gabled roof with knee braces, partial width front porch with separate gabled roof suppo [...]

Royal Oak Tree

Planted to commemorate the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, May 12, 1937. Seedling brought from one of the royal forests in [...]

Samuel Howard Shannon House

Samuel Shannon was one of the sons of pioneer Thomas Shannon. He acquired the land on which the house is located in 1898, and built the hous [...]

Smith Farm - Dairy Barn

Simple Vernacular-style barn built c. 1925 by Andrew and Thomas Smith. Features gambrel roof with exposed rafters below flared eave, weather [...]

Smith Farm - Hatchery

Built around 1914 by Andrew and Thomas Smith as a hatchery, the upper half storey used to store feed for chicks. Exaggerated eave projects f [...]

Smith Farm - Milk Shed

Simple square shed with flat, sloped roof, shingle siding, built c. 1925. In use until 1968. Shed contained a pit filled with cold water in [...]

Smith Farmhouse

Craftsman-style house with simple side gable massing built c. 1915 by Andrew and Thomas Smith. Cross gable on north side and a parallel gabl [...]

Sunnydene Poultry Farm - House

Built in 1916 in Carpenter Gothic or Folk Victorian style, featuring diamond shaped window on gabled dormer with staggering shingle pattern, [...]

Surrey Centre Cemetery

The cemetery was established in the early years of Surrey Centre by the Methodist Church, and acquired by the City in 1924. It features the [...]

The Clova Theatre

The Clova Theatre

Art Deco style theatre built in 1946 as one of the first modern buildings in Cloverdale. Typical of small town movie house of the 1940s with [...]

Thomas L. Lawrence House

Built c. 1930 in Craftsman/Tudor style house featuring roofing materials rolled around eaves to imitate thatched roofs of rural England. Ste [...]

Whiteley House

Constructed c. 1920 borrowing Queen Anne style of horizontal board siding on main floor and shingle siding on top half storey. Craftsman-sty [...]

William Logan House

Craftsman style featuring alternating wide and narrow shingle siding. Full width front porch with shingled tapered posts, with distinct base [...]