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Green Timbers Urban Forest

Green Timbers

Effective March 23, all city playgrounds, skateparks and sports courts for team sports such as basketball and lacrosse/ball hockey are closed. City of Surrey parks and beaches remain open, but all users must be following proper social distancing measures by keeping 2 metres of physical distance from each other to minimize the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission.


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Welcome to Green Timbers Urban Forest, one of the City's largest parks and home to over 10 kilometres of nature trails, a regularly stocked fishing lake, picnic areas, and the Surrey Nature Centre all nestled in a scenic second-growth forest. While you're here, please help us take care of the park's most sensitive habitats by keeping yourself and dogs on the trail and out of the lake.

At the lake, you can enjoy year-round fishing. In the western part of the park, drop by the Surrey Nature Centre and discover nature in the city. The facility is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm and Saturdays from 9:00am-4:30pm.

While you explore this urban oasis, keep your eyes and ears open for the many animals who seek refuge here. Common sightings include bald eagles, ducks, salamanders, woodpeckers and native Douglas squirrels. If you're really lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a barred owl perched silently in a tree!


Green Timbers Urban Forest has transformed greatly since the early 1900s. Once a tourism hotspot for its towering trees, the land was completely logged by 1929. Thankfully, the trees were soon replanted and the site dubbed British Columbia’s “Birthplace of Reforestation". After a long run as a forestry school and nursery, the land officially became a park in 1974.

Much of the park’s success is thanks to the Green Timbers Heritage Society, a group of dedicated community members who have advocated for its protection and stewardship for many years. In 1988 and 1996, their efforts were especially rewarded when Surrey residents voted to designate part of the park as an Urban Forest: a protected natural legacy to be enjoyed by people and wildlife for generations to come.

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