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Surrey Public ArtWalks

Together by Sophie Nielsen and Rolf Knudsen of Studio Roso hanging in City Hall atrium

City Centre Artwalk

Discover public artworks along parks, pathways, SkyTrain pillars and civic buildings on University Drive in Surrey's revitalized City Centre. The route is flat and wheelchair accessible with three SkyTrain stations along the way. Public seating and washrooms are available at Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre, City Centre Library, City Hall and Holland Park.

Follow the red dotted line on the map and see a little or see it all!

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Find out more about the public artworks in City Centre ArtWalk by visiting these pages and watching interviews with the artists.

West Village Park


Fibreglass sculptures on the West Village Energy Centre communicate warmth.

The Sea Captain by Marianne Nicolson with John Livingston. Photo by Brian Giebelhaus

The Sea Captain

This wooden sculpture at Surrey Central by Marianne Nicolson and John Livingston imitates a pipe.

Geoffrey Milne, Row of Trees, Green Timbers

Row of Trees, Green Timbers

A panoramic photograph of Green Timbers by local artist Geoffrey Milne is on display at City Hall.

Pebble Mosaics by Glen Andersen. Photo by Brian Giebelhaus

Pebble Mosaics

Look for these pebble mosaics along the walkways and walls of Holland Park.

Summer Floraform by Bruce Voyce. Photo by Brian Giebelhaus

Floraforms & Seeds of Change

These large-scale, elegant sculptures of flowers and seeds harmonize the urban and natural elements in Holland Park.

Were It Not For You by Glen Andersen

Were It Not For You

This three panelled low relief sculpture decorates the central fountain in Holland Park with nature-based images.

Underfoot Yet Overhead (Part 1) by Karen Kazmer

Underfoot Yet Overhead (Part 1)

Look up to notice these metal sheets of athlete's movements decorating SkyTrain pillars in City Centre.

Underfoot Yet Overhead Part 2 by Karen Kazmer. Photo by Brian Giebelhaus

Underfoot Yet Overhead (Part 2)

Microscopic organisms living under our feet get displayed as large and colourful sculptures hanging from SkyTrain pillars in this artwork.

Protecting the Future, Serving the Present by Artform Sculpture Studio. Photo by Brian Giebelhaus

Protecting the Future, Serving the Present

Discover this life-sized concrete sculpture dedicated to Surrey firefighters in Holland Park.

Flight of Doves by Marie Khouri. Photos by Brian Giebelhaus

Flight of Doves

These abstract sculptures add elegance and colour to the towers of Park Place in City Centre.

Marks by Liz Magor. Photo by Scott Massey.


These four sculptural forms in City Centre Library invite you to read, lounge, study, and sit on their surfaces.

West Coast Landscape by Gordon Smith

West Coast Landscape

This peaceful winter painting in City Centre Library is one of Gordon Smith's largest.

Thinking Like the River by Suzanne Northcott

Thinking Like the River

Suzanne Northcott's topographical artwork of Surrey surrounds the 1st floor windows of City Hall.

Together by Studio Roso


This flock of aluminum birds hanging from the ceiling of Surrey's City Hall are a graceful and powerful symbol of democracy and freedom.

A Busy Street by Nicoletta Baumeister

A Busy Street

This painting by Nicoletta Baumeister on the 3rd floor of City Hall depicts our complex urban environment through shapes and lines.

Passing Storm (Blackie Spit) by Carol How

Blackie Spit through the Seasons

These pairings of photos by Carol How on the 5th floor of City Hall depict the beauty of Blackie Spit along Crescent Beach.

The Secret Language of Moths by Mary Frances Batut

The Secret Language of Moths

This large acrylic painting on the 2nd floor of City Hall focuses the viewer on the beauty of the smallest creatures.

Crepuscular by Jeremy Herndl


This painting by Jeremy Herndl on the 4th floor of City Hall depicts the "new wilderness" of Whalley's Bolivar Heights.

Evening Blend by Jay Panesar


These six photos by Jay Panesar on the 6th floor of City Hall depict Surrey's parks and pathways and the balance of earth and sky.

Installation view of Fall and Winter Drums by Brandon Gabriel at Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre

Four Seasons

These drums by Brandon Gabriel and Melinda Bige tell the story of the seasons according to the Kwantlen First Nation.

Convergence by Connie Glover & Vallalee Hoffman. Photo by Sean Bindra


50 mosaic projects outside Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre reflect the vibrant neighbourhood.

Flicker Art Media (Aleksandra Dulic & Kenneth Newby), Transience (2010), installation image. Courtesy of the artists, photographed by Sharon Doucette.


Visit Canada’s largest art-dedicated outdoor screen, projecting art after dark.

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Visit Canada’s largest art-dedicated outdoor screen, projecting art after dark.