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Love Your Parks

woman picking up litter

You can get involved in your local park by managing a garbage bin, picking up litter when you’re out for a stroll, or gathering a group and leading a community clean-up event! We will provide you equipment like litter pickers and bags to clean up your park.

Visit the Partners in Parks volunteer opportunities page to learn more.

Natural Areas

Surrey has some beautiful forests and meadows that help make up our urban forest. Since these places often include sensitive ecosystems and animal habitat, please check in with us at before you organize clean-ups in these areas.

Here are some things for you to keep in mind for your safety and to preserve these sensitive places:

  • Stay on trails
  • Avoid streams, ravines, and bodies of water
  • If birds or other animals seem disturbed by your presence, leave the area

Don’t know where to start? Join us at a Nature Work Party to enhance local parks by removing invasive plants. After the invasive plants are removed, join a community tree planting event in the Fall.