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About the SAFE Program

The SAFE Program is designed to prevent and address youth gang violence. Its focus is to divert children and youth from gang involvement while building their positive life skills and increasing their connections with family, school and community.

SAFE is made up of 11 programs that are delivered by ten partner agencies. SAFE programs are designed to:

  • address program gaps with innovative new services;
  • build on effective existing programs;
  • coordinate support for families across agencies; and
  • evaluate programs for continuous improvement of services.

SAFE Programs

Programs delivered through SAFE support children and youth, and their families, by providing services that will help divert them away from gang involvement. Some programs deliver cultural support to groups at higher risk and others deliver services in targeted neighbourhoods.

SAFE Partners

SAFE programs are delivered in partnership with the following organisations:

You can contact any of the SAFE partners listed to find out more information and to access these services.

All communications are kept confidential.

For more information please email or call 236-598-3016.