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Surrey's Natural Areas Partnership (SNAP)

SNAP team 2017

Surrey's Natural Areas Partnership (SNAP) employs youth each summer to work in Surrey's parks and neighbouring communities. Our teams restore, enhance and promote Surrey's urban forest.

SNAP Teams

Habitat Restoration

The Habitat Restoration team restores and enhances natural areas like forests and meadows. The team focuses primarily on removing invasive plants from sites around the city.

They also help by closing unsanctioned trails, cleaning up refuse and yard waste, installing wildlife structures, and planting native trees and shrubs.

Urban Forestry Outreach

The Urban Forestry Outreach team promotes nature appreciation and park stewardship. The team welcomes park visitors, provides nature education opportunities, and raises awareness about issues like yard waste disposal and invasive plants.

Tree Care

The Tree Care team maintains and enhances shade trees across Surrey. The City plants thousands of shade trees each year, and the Tree Care team helps take care of these trees by creating and maintaining tree wells.

They also help with invasive species removal, watering, and other special projects.


SNAP is comprised of the City of Surrey, the Green Timbers Heritage Society, the Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society, and the White Rock and Surrey Naturalists Society. It was established in 2001.

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