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Neighbourhood Toolkit

Neighbourhood Toolkit

We've put together a list of the most often requested resources for community projects in the Neighbourhood Toolkit. These resources are here to help you succeed in your neighbourhood improvement efforts!

If you have any ideas for things that could support neighbourhood enhancement, contact the Neighbourhood Team at

Neighbourhood Enhancement Grant

Apply for a Neighbourhood Enhancement Grant to work on a small project with your friends, neighbours, and family to create fun, beautiful and interesting places in your neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Capacity Building

The Neighbourhood Team supports skill-building opportunities for community groups through workshops and mentorship. We are seeking community organizations to suggest and host workshop topics as part of a broader series.

If your community group or organization is looking for skill building or inspiration, we can offer a range of workshops including: asset mapping, placemaking idea generation, and a mentorship program to new community groups. The goal of the program is to build your capacity and help you connect with available resources and networks.

For more information about the workshops and how to get involved, contact the Neighbourhood Team at

Start a Community Garden

Did you know you can apply to start your own community garden? Where there is neighbourhood interest and need, the City of Surrey wants to support you in starting a community garden on City land. If you've identified a suitable piece of land and have a group of people that are willing to coordinate and maintain the community garden, you can apply for support to make the garden a reality.

Tree Voucher Program

Get a voucher for a tree through the Tree Voucher Program to greenify your neighbourhood. Grab some people and a shovel and find a yard to plant it!

Block Watch

Work with your neighbours to create safer neighbourhoods through the Block Watch Program.