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Volunteer Water Meter Program

Due to the high volume of interested property owners, we are experiencing delays in meter installations. Please submit the online application and you will be contacted as soon as we are able to schedule an installation.

Own your own home in Surrey? Sign up for a free water meter as part of Surrey's Volunteer Water Meter Program. Check out the estimated savings you could see, or review our Water Meter Program details to learn more.

Multi family dwellings can have a single meter installed to feed the entire complex. The strata pays only for the water consumed. Learn about multi-family (strata) dwelling water meter installations.

Sign Up for a Free Meter – Single Family Homes

By filling out this form you are agreeing to the installation of a water meter under the volunteer program. For more information call 604-455-3655.

Register Online

When registering online, you can select "Continue as Guest".

Home Installation Process

By registering, you are authorizing the City to assess your property for a water meter installation. The City's goal is to install the water meter in a timely and cost-effective manner. However, some properties may require additional preparation and maintenance work, which will delay the installation process.

If you have already paid the annual utility bill for this year, your account will be pro-rated and the credit that is left from the day the meter is installed will be applied to your metered bill.

Meter Design Criteria

Review the Water Meter Design Criteria Manual that outlines the City's requirements for the installation of water meters on municipal water services.


Call 1-877-666-3837 for questions about installation and scheduling.

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