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Report a Sanitary Sewer Problem

Are you experiencing an issue with the sanitary sewer service at your home or business? Please tell us about the issue one of the following ways:

  1. Use our online Report A Problem app
  2. Call the Service Request Desk at 604-591-4152
  3. Visit us at City Hall (13450 104 Avenue, 2nd Floor Front Counter)
  4. Visit us at the Operations Yard (6651 148 Street)

Your help in identifying and reporting sanitary sewer issues will allow us to work towards resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Common sanitary sewer issues reported to the City

Bringing these issues to the City’s attention will help us to maintain an effective and reliable sanitary sewer system.

  • There is sanitary sewage backing up into my home or business
  • There is a missing or damaged cover on the inspection chamber (pipe) in my yard or driveway
  • There is an inspection chamber (pipe) in my yard or driveway that is sticking out of the ground
  • There is a missing or damaged sanitary manhole cover in the road or boulevard
  • There is sanitary sewage coming out of a manhole or inspection chamber in my neighbourhood
  • There is a foul odour (smell) in my neighbourhood
  • The sanitary manhole in the road near my home or business is rattling or making a whistling sound (noise issues)
  • I saw someone dumping or pouring something into the sanitary sewer system

As a property owner, resident or business in the City, you play an important role in maintaining the sanitary sewer system too! Learn more about responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the sanitary sewer system in Surrey.

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