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Newton-King George Boulevard Plan

Newton King George Boulevard Plan

We are starting a land use plan for Newton-King George Boulevard. The plan will guide growth and development in terms of: land use, transportation, and community ammenities (such as parks).

Get Involved

We are kicking off public engagment this summer. Residents of the area and nearby will recieve more information and be asked to participate in a survey shortly.

Plan Area

The Newton – King George Boulevard Plan Area comprises approximately 140 hectares (350 acres) of land between Highway 10 and 68 Avenue. The Plan Area is centered on the western side of King George Boulevard and is surrounded by existing plans to the north (Newton Town Centre Plan) and east (South Newton Neighbourhood Concept Plan).

Background Information

 In October 2019, Council endorsed Corporate Report R207 to initiate the planning process for Newton-King George Boulevard.

Contact Information

Kristen Lassonde, Planning Technician

Community Planning Division