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Vision Zero Surrey

Fully-Protected Left Turns

Learn about fully-protected left turn signals and where to find them in Surrey.

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No one should have to grieve the loss of a loved one as a result of our mobility.

We acknowledge our obligation to protect the freedom to safely travel across our city. We will prioritize our vulnerable road users and protect everyone’s right to safe mobility.

The Facts About Surrey's Roads:

  • Every hour, 1 person is injured.
  • Every day, crashes cost over 1 million dollars.
  • Every month, more than 1 person is killed.
  • Every year, injury collisions go up 3%.

Road Fatalities Map

There were 21 lives lost on Surrey roads in 2018. View map as PDF.

In line with Vision Zero, we refuse to accept the loss of life in traffic and the burden of serious injuries as an inevitable price of our mobility. In collaboration with our communities and our partners, we are taking action to create a safe environment for all who share Surrey’s streets.

Our vision is bold and aspirational: Surrey has Zero people killed or seriously injured on our roads and human life is valued above all else in the transportation network.

Our goal is an achievable and measurable target: to reverse the trend of rising injuries and deaths on our roads and achieve a minimum 15% reduction in injury collisions over the next five years (2019-2023).

Learn more about Surrey’s commitment to Vision Zero by exploring the resources below.

About Vision Zero Surrey

What Is Vision Zero Surrey?

Learn about the proven methods and core principles behind Vision Zero Surrey.

Vision Zero News & Updates

See the latest Vision Zero News & Updates.

What the Data Tells Us

See what the crash data tells us about road users in Surrey.

What We Are Doing

Learn about Surrey's approach to safe roads, safe speeds, safe road users and safe vehicles.

Measuring Our Progress

See how we are measuring Vision Zero Surrey progress.

Vision Zero: Those Who Remain

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