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Electric Vehicle Strategy

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How we power the way Surrey residents get around the City impacts the health of our environment, economy and personal well-being. As part of Surrey's goal for becoming a greener and more sustainable city, the City is developing an Electric Vehicle Strategy. The goal of the strategy will be to identify actions we can take to see 100% zero-emission vehicles on Surrey roads by 2040.

The City sees zero-emission electric vehicles as an important key to reducing our city's carbon footprint, improving local air quality and reducing energy use.

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We want to hear from residents, businesses and organizations to better understand the sentiment around EVs in Surrey. Your feedback will help shape our future strategy. Stakeholders are also being asked to take part in focus groups and workshops to explore further opportunities to de-carbonize vehicle transportation.

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Electric Vehicle Strategy Objectives

  • Understand the barriers for EV adoption, including accessibility and equity issues
  • Speed up EV adoption for Surrey residents, businesses and fleets
  • Make home and workplace charging more accessible
  • Focus on strategic investments in public charging infrastructure
  • Recommend policy and process improvements
  • Show how the City will lead by example

Greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation make up 55% of our city’s total carbon footprint. Of this 55%, personal vehicles contribute the majority.

Planning Process

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  • Phase 1: Discovery expand
  • April to November 2019

    During this phase we will focus on identifying emerging trends across the EV landscape. Our findings will help inform the City’s action plan. This phase includes a comprehensive best practice, academic and policy review. We will also engage stakeholders to understand the attitudes, barriers and opportunities for EV adoption in Surrey.

    Engagement will include a public survey and a series of stakeholder focus groups.

  • Phase 2: Developing Draft Options expand
  • December 2019 to February 2020

    During this phase, staff will develop a preliminary action plan and strategy framework using the results of:

    • research and content development;
    • technical analysis; and
    • stakeholder engagement from the discovery stage.

    We will also establish frameworks to track progress towards targets and sustainable funding mechanisms.

  • Phase 3: Presenting and Refining Options expand
  • March to May 2020

    The public and stakeholders will be re-engaged to review, refine and help rank proposed City actions. We will:

    • present what we heard through a second survey and workshop;
    • present how feedback has influenced the draft strategy;
    • confirm support for our direction and action plan priorities; and
    • identify any missing components.
  • Phase 4: Strategy Approval expand
  •  July 2020

    The Surrey Electric Vehicle Strategy and Action Plan will be presented to Council for approval.