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Newton Town Centre Plan


We are developing a new land use plan for Newton Town Centre. Town Centres are the commercial, social and cultural hubs of each of the city’s six distinct communities. Town Centre plans guide land use and development in these core growth areas.

Get Involved

Thank you for taking part in the June 11, 2019 Newton Town Centre Plan Public Open House. Check out the Open House display boards and plan summary for a quick overview of the updated draft plan.

Plan Area

The plan area focuses on the southern portion of the Newton Town Centre area, south of 72 Avenue, west of 138 Street and north of 68 Avenue. It also includes a recently expanded area east of 134 Street north of 70B Avenue. This expansion aligns with Metro Vancouver's Regional Growth Strategy's "Urban Centre" boundary. The proposed plan area is approximately 61 hectares (151 acres) and includes significant civic, recreation, and transit uses, as well as commercial and residential areas.

Process & Timeline

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  • Step 1: Getting Started expand
  • In 2008 Council directed staff to begin work on updating the Newton Town Centre Plan, and to work with TransLink to explore transit integration into future land uses.  A terms of reference was established, as well as a Memorandum of Understanding between the City and TransLink, which together were used to guide the planning process.

  • Step 2: Developing the Plan expand
  • Through 2009 the City and TransLink hosted a series of public consultation sessions for the plan, with an aim to gather initial input on the development of a mixed-use, high-density, transit-oriented town centre.

    Engagement Opportunities

    Review the preliminary land use concept that emerged from these sessions, as well as the preliminary sanitary, water, and stormwater servicing concepts.

    In 2010 Council endorsed Corporate Report R093 that approved the Stage 1 land use plan and authorized staff to continue working with TransLink to undertake the Stage 2 component of the Plan.

  • Step 3: Refining the Plan expand
  • Following Council endorsement of the Stage 1 land use plan, the City and TransLink began early work on plans for improved transit service along King George Boulevard. This work culminated in 2013 with the adoption of the Regional Transportation Strategy ("RTS") which confirmed a vision for future rapid transit for King George Boulevard to Newton.

    The RTS also established a principle of supporting rapid transit investment with sufficient employment and housing to support increased transit service. Based on this vision, Surrey and TransLink developed and confirmed plans for rapid transit for the corridor, with a station in Newton Town Centre. Based on these developments, Council endorsed Corporate Report R035 which directed staff to continue the review and update of the Newton Town Centre Plan.

    Additional community engagement was undertaken, along with comprehensive stakeholder collaboration, including meetings with TransLink, the Newton BIA, and various community groups.

    Engagement Opportunities

    Input from the recent June 12 open house and survey is being used to refine the land use plan.

  • Step 4: Completing the Plan expand
  • In November 2018, Council suspended the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT project.  As a result, a review of the draft plan and additional community consultation were required.  The City hosted additional public and stakeholder engagement in 2019 including:

    Feedback is being used to prepare a final (Stage 2) plan, anticipated for Council consideration in early 2020.

Background Information

The Newton Town Centre Plan was first developed and adopted by Council in 1990. The Plan, bounded by 76 Avenue, 68 Avenue, King George Highway, and 138 Street, proposed a range of retail and commercial uses, with some high-density residential and a core of civic and recreational uses. Since the initial Plan's endorsement, a number of civic and recreational facilities have been built, as well as some commercial growth in the area north of 72 Avenue. Key sections of the Plan area, however, were never developed, particularly in the area south of 72 Avenue.

In 2008, Council endorsed Corporate Report No. R153 which looked to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City of Surrey and TransLink to develop an updated land use and transit plan that integrates new and enhanced transit facilities into a high quality and sustainable urban centre. Later that year, Council endorsed Corporate Report No. R192which approved a Terms of Reference to undertake the study. In January, 2009, Council endorsed Corporate Report No. R007, which formally approved the MOU between the City and TransLink.

In 2010, following a comprehensive community consultation process, Council endorsed Corporate Report No. R093which approved the Stage 1 land use plan and authorized staff to continue working with TransLink to undertake the Stage 2 component of the Plan.

In 2013, TransLink adopted the Regional Transportation Strategy ("RTS") vision and framework plan which confirmed future rapid transit for King George Boulevard to Newton. The RTS also established a principle of supporting rapid transit investment with sufficient planning for density of jobs and housing to support transit ridership. Based on this vision, Surrey and TransLink confirmed plans for rapid transit along the corridor, which included a further review of the Newton Town Centre Plan.

In 2014, Council endorsed Corporate Report No. R035, which provided an update on the planning process and authorized staff to further review and update the plan.

Contact Information

Fay Keng Wong, Associate Planner
Planning & Development Department
Phone: 604-591-4496

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