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Strategic Communications Services




Strategic Communications Services


Invitation to Interested Proponents


The City of Surrey (the “City”) intends to issue a competitive solicitation for the provision of a Strategic Communications Services (the “Services”) to be used by the City as further described in the City’s competitive solicitation documents.


In consideration of the City issuing a competitive solicitation to the Proponent and the City potentially disclosing confidential information to the Proponent related to and/or for purposes of the competitive solicitation the Proponent is required to complete the City’s attached Schedule 1 [Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement].  This Schedule 1 [Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement] must be executed by a signatory with the authority to bind each member of the Proponent’s team, and for clarity such signatory may be different than the Proponent’s representative(s).

Invitation and Schedule 1 – Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement document for download:
Schedule 1 – Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (.pdf)
Advertisement for Strategic Communications Services (.pdf)

Competitive solicitation documents will only be provided to those who have submitted the executed Schedule 1 [Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement] document.

All Inquiries related to this RFP should be directed in writing to the person named below

Closing Date:

Prefer to receive Schedule 1 on or before March 19, 2020.


Richard Oppelt
Manager, Procurement Services
Finance Department
Tel: (604) 590-7274

Status: Awarded.
Awarded to: Edelman Public Relations Canada Worldwide, Inc.

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