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Cellular Wireless Devices and Data Services




Cellular Wireless Devices and Data Services


Request for Quotations

Summary Details

The City of Surrey (the “City”) intends to issue a competitive solicitation for the provision of Wireless Services and Devices (“Services”) to be used by various City staff and departments as further described in the City’s competitive solicitation documents.

The City is looking for a provider (the “Contractor”) that can deliver cost-effective high-quality mobile voice and data services.  The arrangement should be flexible, and accommodate current and emerging technologies, while enabling the City to respond quickly and economically to changing cellular communication needs.  Ideally the hardware device purchases and rates should be competitive with flexibility as to how often and how many devices can be acquired over the term of the agreement.

Participation Requirement

In consideration of the City issuing a competitive solicitation to the Contractor and the City potentially disclosing confidential information to the Contractor related to and/or for purposes of the competitive solicitation Contractors are required to complete the City’s attached Confidentiality Agreement [Schedule 1].  This Schedule 1 must be executed by a signatory with the authority to bind each member of the Contractor’s team, and for clarity such signatory may be different than the Contractor representative(s).

For ease of completion and processing, Schedule 1 is available as a separate PDF document.  Please ensure you have read and understand this Schedule 1, prior to completing and submitting Schedule 1.

Invitation and Schedule 1 - Confidentiality Agreement document for download: 
Invitation to Interested Proponents (.pdf)
Schedule 1 - Confidentiality Agreement (.pdf)

RFQ documents will be provided to those who have submitted the executed Schedule 1.

Closing Date:

Prefer to receive Schedule 1 on or before September 26, 2019


Richard Oppelt
Manager, Procurement Services
Finance Department
Tel: (604) 590-7274

Status: Submissions under review.

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